When are you getting a job?

It might surprise you to know that I only spend around 5% of my time creating new paintings or drawings for my product collections. The rest of my day is spent doing all the other jobs that go with running a business.

Accountant Content Creator Artist Web Designer Admin Marketing & Advertising Photographer

Dispatch Manager Social media expert Inventory Manager

I've probably missed a few job titles out, but it gives you an idea of the role of a small business owner today. If you run a small business then I imagine this will resonate with you!

I love my job, a lot! It gives me the ability to run a business in the way that makes sense to me. I can use my creativity to make beautiful products that I believe my customers will love. I can have varied days and use my time how I see fit. I can watch a product evolve from concept to reality and be part of that process. I can spend time packing an order and then take it directly to the post office. Before I decided to run my own business, I worked in several large businesses which meant that I was allowed to be just one of the roles listed above. I don't want to be just one thing, I want to do lots of things and learn as much as I can.

I get asked 'When are you getting a job then?' or 'Are you making any money?' as if I've been doing nothing with my time.

The answer is .... I have a job and yes, I am making money.

Richard Branson Quote

This is for all those small business owners out there who also have the same frustrations. You can do it and stick with it. Don't let anyone make you feel like you should give up. I think of it like an oak tree - they start from an acorn which takes a long time to grow. The trees that we all admire are those that have taken the time they need to establish themselves. You are the acorn in this scenario. When you start a business you can't expect it to be making you tens of thousands from day 1 or year 1 but if you stick with it you can do it!

When you take the leap of faith and decide to start a business it's exciting and terrifying. I don't know where my business is going to take me but I'm excited to find out...

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