When are you getting a job?

It might surprise you to know that I only spend around 5% of my time creating new paintings or drawings for my product collections. The rest of my day is spent doing all the other jobs that go with running a business. Accountant Content Creator Artist Web Designer Admin Marketing & Advertising Photographer Dispatch Manager Social media expert Inventory Manager I've probably missed a few job titles out, but it gives you an idea of the role of a small business owner today. If you run a small business then I imagine this will resonate with you! I love my job, a lot! It gives me the ability to run a business in the way that makes sense to

Save the Hedgehog! Build a house

Did you know that Hedgehogs in Britain have declined over the past few decades. 'Hedgehogs now appear to be declining in the UK at the same rate as tigers are globally – at around 5% a year, both in rural and urban habitats.' They need your help to survive. What can you do? - Ensure your garden has an easy route in and out. You could cut a 12cm square in the bottom of your fence so that hedgehogs can move from garden to garden. - Leave an area of your garden 'wild'. Hedgehogs like a habitat that is a natural as possible so they can build their homes or nests. - Put a shallow dish out with water for them to drink from - If you can, buy some Hedgehog food (I use this) an

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