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Combat Stress with Creativity

21st century life is so stressful! Social Media, Phones, Computers... When was the last time you took half an hour to do something that didn't involve any form of technology?

Try going for a walk without your phone or earphones. Eat your meal without the TV in the background. Take 20 mins to read a book or do a bit of gardening.

I find that painting is a great way to unwind from everyday life.

Watercolour Painting by Alice Millin

Here's a few ideas for you:

- Get an adult colouring book - I have a fantastic book by Millie Marotta which you can get very cheaply on Amazon.

- I use this watercolour palette but if you're on a tight budget, Hobbycraft have a great watercolour set at a reasonable price

You don't need to spend lots to get the benefits of creativity. A pen or pencil and a piece of paper are really all you need to get drawing.

I'd love to see your creative journeys - tag me on instagram using @alicemillin

Thanks for reading!

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