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The British Holiday

I recently went to Cornwall for a weeks holiday and stayed in a little wooden cabin next to the sea. Sounds Idylic...? It was amazing!

I thought I'd share my top Cornish picks which I've found on my latest travels.

First up is the Marvellous Whitsand Bay

This quiet stretch of coastline is unspoilt and offers a great spot for surfers, swimmers and walkers. The scenery is breathtaking and you can find so many shells! the climb down to the beach can be tricky but it's worth it when you get to the beach.

Secondly I must tell you about Rame Head.

Park at the Coastguard station for £1 all day and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views out to sea. With plenty of ships venturing out of Portsmouth they'll be loads to see. Wild horses and deer roam around this part of the coastline which were introduced to keep the vegetation under control. At the end of the headland is a chapel which was built in the 1300's and used as a lookout post too. Keep your eyes peeled for old victorian coins which can been admired nestled in the chapel walls. This was my favourite place in Cornwall far!

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